My journey with Marjorie Mann started in the same way as I can imagine most of ours did. When my son was a few months old, on the advice of my friends who were already mums, I started looking around for a childcare centre. Marjorie Mann was my first centre visit and I fell in love with it immediately, though, when I heard of the waiting list I dutifully went to visit other centres and put my name down there as well. All these other centres seemed fine, but none had that immediate feeling of home, nurture and care that I immediately felt at Marjorie Mann. I loved the older building with its idiosyncrasies, the other centres with their clinical white walls and matching cots all seemed a little too ‘business like’ for me, though I am sure they also do a great job.

When I got the call that Joe had a place I was so happy and relieved and felt able to return to work knowing that my son would be cared for in such a lovely place. Joe started when he was one, and the staff at Marjorie Mann helped and guided me through this whole process of learning to leave my son in another’s care. It wasn’t too long before he would start to cry when I told him he wasn’t going to childcare! It took me a little longer to stop crying. My second son Ben started when he was 10 months and his journey has also been wonderful. Something that really stands out for me is how the educator’s really took the time to get to know my boys. They knew that Joe was a nurturer and needed to spend time with his little brother during the day, they also knew that he was (and still is) a passionate builder and created opportunities for him to do this. They learned that Ben needed some strategies to learn to calm down and developed a snail farm that allowed him to sit still and carefully watch and learn from another creature, they have also found ways to incorporate his love of all things pirate into his learning journey.

The staff at Marjorie Mann are its key asset, they are wonderful, professional and kind carers who love and nurture our children. From the moment your children start at the centre until long after they leave they show love, care, respect and also strong professional knowledge of child development and education. They have helped Pad and I navigate our way through the tricky stages of sleep (honestly these guys are the sleep gurus), toilet training and weaning and all the other little challenges that you face as your children grow.

As the year draws to a close and Ben is ready to set off into full time school, I feel sorrow that this stage of the boys and my life is coming to an end. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I can say that Marjorie Mann has been part of my village for the past six years and I can’t thank them enough for providing my boys with such a wonderful, safe, exciting, nurturing and loving early childhood.

Cheers   Rebecca


Marjorie Mann

1. They excel in the nurturance of little people

2. They see everyday benefits of utilising the Reggio Emilia system of learning

3. They know the importance of non-directive play

Olivia Shapkaris 2014

I looked for a long time for the right day care centre. As it was my second time around being a single mother, day care was a necessity.  I'd had to pull my son Ocean Reid from another day care centre due to his unhappiness. 

 The team at Marjorie Mann greeted us with such care from the beginning and I knew that this was the centre for him.  They knew Ocean had experienced an unpleasant time at his last day care centre and catered an entrance for Ocean's needs knowing how to deal with his mistrust and guided us through the separation. 

 The staff are incredible and Ocean grew from 1 day a week back to 5 days of care with in the month.  It allowed me to really move forward in recreating my career. He made many friends and still keeps in touch with many of them once leaving to commence primary school.

 The centre is creative and fun and you were always kept up to date with photo's and reading their notes on his experiences in the activity reports.  During play time there were always so many teachers out watching the children which I didn't always see in many other centres.  The children responded well  to the teachers and I never saw an unhappy child or crossed paths with an unhappy parent.

 I  will always recommend Marjorie Mann to any parent asking about day care facilities, they are amazing and provide a quality of care and will exceed your expectations of how a child care is.

 Alisa Reid  (General Manager of Solomon's Café) 2013

Both my children Sienna (7) and Christian (4) attended Marjorie Mann from around 7 months old until the left for kindy.

We were very lucky to have the staff at Marjorie Mann looking after our children. The staff are obviously passionate about what they do and we were always greeted with a happy smiling face from them. I can't recommend them enough.  Our children were well looked after by the carers and we knew that all of their needs were being attended to (most importantly, one on one time and cuddles).  We loved the Emila Reggio philosophy and the fact that it is a community based daycare centre.  We could call at any time, make special requests about their care and were kept up to date on how their day went and any concerns that arose were quickly communicated.  We were able to bring home life into daycare by sharing special CDs that the children enjoyed, photos and keeping daycare up to date with our child’s latest interests so this could be pursued at daycare.  The recent upgrade to the playground is amazing.  Both my children loved daycare and spent many wonderful hours playing, exploring, learning, reading books and enjoying being outdoors.   

 Lucia 2014

 Our 2 children couldn't be happier at Marjorie Mann. It is like a home away from home with caring, attentive and professional educators and support staff. The constantly changing program is fun and engaging. And the outdoor area is the best I've seen where the kids can explore and roam with independence! We love the centre and so do our kids.

Michelle 2014

I have been involved with the Marjorie Mann Lawley Day Care Centre for the past four years as their nominated Children’s Services Trainer. Over this time I have always been impressed with the high level of support the trainees receive from Shelley and Wendy, and the quality care the children receive from the Educator's in each room. The Centre continuously  incorporates the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework into their practices as they strive at providing high quality care.

My son is enrolled in the kindy 2 room and as a parent I cannot be happier with the level of care he receives. Patrick has additional needs ranging from severe food allergies to a speech and language impairment, my husband and I have been highly impressed with the way Marjorie Mann ensures his needs are met on a daily basis. Another aspect that we enjoy is having the opportunity to read about Patrick's day and look at the photos incorporated into the Daily Curriculum.

We are so pleased to be part of the Marjorie Mann family

Suzanne Kay 2014 (SMYL Community Services Trainer and Assessor)