As the Centre is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach each child will be:

•            Guided to reach their full potential & build their own theories

•            Respected as a unique individual who has the potential to bring something special to the world

•            Encouraged to experiment, using their imagination, fostering their curiosity, allowing discovery and research into topics of               

         interest through the 100 languages

•            Allowed flexible routines to promote independence and maximize time for relationships, and to be cared for and educated in a 

         safe, healthy and stimulating environment

•            Valued and respected according to their beliefs and culture

•            Provided opportunities to experiment and communicate through as many media as possible and have endless ways and

         opportunities to express themselves.


The Centre will foster strong relationships with parents/caregivers and families by:

•            Respecting individual and family differences, and finding meaningful ways to include diversity in the Centre

•            Encouraging families to participate in continual assessment and revitalization of  Centre policies, processes and practices

•            Supporting sibling play

•            Respecting that parents are the child’s first teacher and that their continued involvement will benefit the child in all aspects 

         of their belonging, being and becoming.

•            Providing families with support and encouragement within a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.


The Centre recognizes that educators are its most valuable advantage to the child, families and education. The Centre ensures  educators:

•               Are experienced professionals who are innovative and up hold the values of the Early Childhood Australia code of Ethics

•            Take time to listen to the children so together they can build environments and opportunities

•              Honour the children’s learning and empower them to learn

•              Provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating centre with consistency in a supportive environment

•              Have up to date skills and knowledge and are provided with a highly supportive environment  and  continued training

•              Are partners with the children and parents they will support in the educational progression

•              Are unique; are researchers, gatherers, observers and documenters; are partners in the children’s learning.


We consider our environment the third teacher so we ensure the Centre  environment:

•            Is welcoming, beautiful and well thought out, commanding respect from its participants and allowing the children to construct 

       their own learning

•            Is set so that it is pleasing to the senses, creating a stimulating environment

•            Provides opportunities for exploration, curiosity, knowledge and skill building

•            Provides aesthetic spaces for children to spend time interacting and working individually and collaboratively

•            Stimulates interest in new experiences for knowledge and relationships.


The Centre, the educators, the families and the children are part of the larger community, and we will function in a style which:

•            Values community diversity

•            Reflects contemporary community expectations

•            Encourages community participation in all facets of the Centre’s operation

•              Supports community endeavors with children as the collective responsibility of the local community

•              Creates better citizens of the world.


Our educational curriculum is inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy, which is internationally recognized for its outstanding high quality of education, respect and care for young children. We will make sure:

•            Our curriculum encompasses the principles, practices and outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework and the

       National Quality Standard

•            Our documentation  is  meaningful and  encourages  interrelationships with families, children and educators to gain insight into

       the child’s thoughts, learnings and understandings

•            We encourage and educate children to protect the environment by introducing actions that support a more sustainable future.

•            We encourage a curriculum which covers all cultures and beliefs of our families and the community.


“We have the children at the most important years in their lives and we are striving for a better tomorrow for our families & children”

Reviewed June 2016

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