Marjorie Mann Lawley Day Care Centre opened its present premises in 1969, making it one of the first of its kind in Perth.  It was Mrs Marjorie Mann who identified the need for this service.  At that time there was no child care available for children under two and there was little if any financial assistance for sole parents which made life difficult for many families.

On a voluntary basis, Mrs Mann, with the help of friends, provided care for babies in her own home.  There was always a greater demand than places even then.  With the backing of the church and community groups, the fledgling centre moved to its current premises relying on donated equipment, fund-raising and volunteers to be able to operate.

 The Centre at that time was to meet the needs of sole parents, low income families, families in crisis and families with special needs children.  The centre worked closely with Dr. Trevor Parry at PMH providing a unique service to families and children in need.

 Marjorie Mann Lawley Day Care Centre is now one of the many child care centres operating in Perth; its focus has broadened to reflect changes in the range of services available to special needs families and the needs of women who wish to carry the dual roles of family responsibilities and employment.

 It is important, however, not to forget the important contribution of our centre to the bringing about of these social changes and the expanded choices & opportunities for families.


Marjorie Mann 1969

Marjorie Mann 1969