Fish Project


Our class fish project which evolved from a child exploring an empty fish tank was very successful.  The children showed excitement and a eagerness to lean all about the new topic.  What was very empowering was the interaction from the families and peers from other rooms – everyone got on board.

We started the learning by setting up a ‘fishing’ project and exploring all the under water animals.  The most famous animal was the sharks.  However, with different species of sharks on display this interest had a lot of learning surrounding it.

“What kind of shark is this one”

“Will this one hurt us”

“Is this shark small or big”


  • The concept of animals living in water and not being able to breathe air amazes children. Having a fish tank is a perfect opportunity to learn about fish and understand their gills and behaviour. It can also lead to learning about all animals that live under the water too.

  • Fish come in an array of different, size colours and shapes – perfect for extended learning.

  • Children will learn how to take care of fish and feel a sense of accomplishment every time they do so.  Keeping fish builds responsibility.

  • Owning a fish tank is a stress reducer. Watching the fish swim peacefully through the water and the bubbles floating to the surface can really relax you.  If you have a child that’s rather emotional, this might be a nice place to sit them if they are feeling a little overwhelmed or overtired.

  • Children may have the added excitement of seeing one of your fish having babies. Miss Possum was so excited to see 12 baby guppies swimming and hiding around the plants. We watched them grow and she loved and learnt from the experience.



    Kindy 2- February 2014