Food and Nutrition


Our service welcomes children with allergies. We ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children and will adopt inclusive practices to cater for the additional requirements of children with allergies in a respectful and confidential manner.

It is important to understand that even a trace amount of food can cause a life threatening reaction. Due to the nature of anaphylactic reactions avoidance of the food allergen is crucial.  Therefore we ask parents to ensure that NO NUT come into the Centre. This includes: -    
* Peanut in any form         
* loose nuts of any kind         
* cereal containing nuts      
* Muesli or chocolate bars containing nuts.


The Centre will provide children with balanced meals that meet the recommended nutritional needs of children within each age grouping (at least 50% of the recommended daily intake).We endeavour to reflect in our menu a wide variety of cultures, and especially the cultural backgrounds of families and the local community.

Our four weekly rotating menus are displayed in the foyer and each room. We encourage parents/guardians to share with us some of their child’s favourite meals for inclusion on our menu. Recipes for all meals are available to parents/guardians.
If your child requires a special diet or is a fussy eater, please advise the Nominated Supervisor so that a plan which encourages good nutrition can be formulated and incorporated into the daily menus.


We welcome and encourage birthday celebrations with the emphasis on the birthday boy or girl rather than the ‘party food’.  We do however, have children in the Centre with quite severe food allergies and therefore, the Centre does not accept cakes from outside, with a week’s notice we will provide a suitable birthday cake or ‘candle-lit’ afternoon tea.